3 ingredient “honey” roasted almonds

Disclaimer upfront – I don’t use honey in this recipe! I use a honey substitute, Coconut Nectar. That said, you can use either.

How to Make It:

Granulated Swerve/Stevia1tbsp
Dried Coconut Flakes2tbsp/to taste
Coconut Nectar2tbsp/to taste

Melt the butter and add in your desired amount of almonds. Bake over medium heat and stir occasionally to fully cover them in butter. Let them roast until you start hearing some popping sounds. Keep an eye out, don’t let them burn!

Once you feel they’re adequately roasted, remove from heat. Then, drizzle your almonds with the desired amount of coconut nectar. There’s no right or wrong amount here, just practice and preference. Stir and let sit.

As the batch begins to cool, sprinkle with dried coconut flakes and swerve. Again, these amounts are to taste.

Stir and enjoy hot or let them cool off and set completely!

My latest batch of Coconut Nectar roasted almonds, sprinkled with coconut flakes and swerve sweetener.


There is a decent amount of variety when it comes to coconutflakes. The shape and consistency of the brand you use may affect how much you use over the almonds. I’ve been using thinner strips of coconut flakes (almost like long rice), rather than the thick cut.

You can choose to use honey, which will create a stickier final product (equally delicious).

Yum, Yum:

I initially began cooking with Coconut Nectar, because it’s advertised as low glycemic and a healthier option than honey. However, as I was preparing to write up this recipe I found conflicting information about the benefits of Coconut Nectar.

The main attractions are that it’s rich in: amino acids, has good B vitamins and minerals like magnesium, low glycemic levels so blood sugar shouldn’t spike (i.e. diabetic friendly), and it has inulin which promotes good gut health.

However, you can easily find articles that pick apart each of these touted benefits. So, while it appears that coconut nectar is a healthier option than white cane sugar — I’m not fully clear on its benefits in contrast to other natural sweeteners, like honey. It might be that they both have their own pro’s and con’s, just maybe not the same ones.

If you give it a try, comment and let me know!

Until next time!


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