A Little Lost, A Little Found Just for Fun

The Nomad’s Book Club

Last week I was struck by this thought….

There’s got to be other ‘nomadic’ women (girl-mad, anyone?) out there with extra time on their hands who get a little bored and a little lonely like me. What if we could gather digitally and commune over a shared love of reading?

So, I asked around and about 10 women actually agreed to join my group!

My plan is to hold weekly meetings and while the membership is small, I will be inviting them to participate live in the discussion. My hope is that it will provide each of us with a meaningful social connection.

In the long run, I’d love for this to turn into a membership site providing connection to all sorts of location independent female workers. Right now, we have a few digital nomads with us and a few travel nurse spouses like me.

Our first book we will read is called, The Huntress by Kate Quinn. If you’re someone who gets a little bored and would like to join click here! Have you been in an online book club? What did you like or dislike? I’d love some ideas. In the mean time, I’ll bring some updates about our thoughts on the book!

Until next time,


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