2 ingredient banana pancake – in the Air Fryer

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Let’s cut to the chase. You’re most likely not here for all the story and background, and if you are – you’re a saint, welcome! I pepper in the details of this recipe below. FYI – I used a Ninja Air Fryer. But first, here’s the nitty gritty details of the recipe:

How to make it

Banana1 whole
Eggs1 med or large
Cooking Oil (avocado, coconut, or olive)1/2 tbsp-ish
Optional Topping: honey, maple syrup, chocolate chips
to taste
Time – 5 minutes prep, 15 minutes cook
  1. The riper the banana, the sweeter the pancake! Plus, ripe bananas are easier to smush. Grab a bowl and a fork, cut out small chunks of banana into the bowl, so it’s easier to mash around. Press the fork into the banana and smash it a bit.

2. Then, add 1 egg and use the fork to blend the two ingredients well. If you’re using a banana on the green side, this might take a bit longer.

3. I haven’t been preheating my air fryer for the pancakes, but double check your own user manual. Preheating won’t hurt anything. Then, pour a splash of oil into the basket, just enough to roll around the bottom of the basket.

4. Set to 350 degrees. Remove tray and pour in banana mixture in the bottom. Run for 15 minutes. Check when there are 4/5 minutes remaining, if the edges are lifting then flip for the remaining time.

5. Time table is flexible, just keep an eye on it.

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You can certainly make this on a pan on the stove top. That’s how I used to do it. However, I really had to watch the heat and I always ended up burning the pancake and the pan. The air fryer method is clean and quicker for me personally. If you make it on the stove top, melt butter into the pan and you should probably re-butter when you flip.

Yum, Yum:

Now for the background. I have ulcerative colitis and bananas & eggs are often recommended during a flare, because they’re easier to digest. Plus, this recipe has the benefit of the sweet banana taste – you don’t really need extra toppings to enjoy it. One drawback is that you pretty much make one at a time, so you could be baking one & eating one.

Final Note – The approach I take to my recipes are always with colitis/autoimmune disease in mind. It’s very difficult to find sugar free/grain free recipes, so I’m on the hunt to find and share them here!

Sorry – this isn’t a picture of the final product. Banana pancakes aren’t exactly photogenic, but they are delicious!

Happy eating!

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  1. roger westhaver Avatar
    roger westhaver

    Today I tried 2 eggs and 1 banana in a Pyrex bowl.
    Did not come out.Runny.Thanks for your help

    1. hannacharles Avatar

      Nice! Thanks for the feedback!

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