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The Chairlift

Every month I receive a writing challenge as part of a writing group called Deadlines for Writers. This month is our longest challenge of the year at 2500 words; and the prompt was “charge.” Thanks for reading! ————————————————————– “You aren’t scared are you?” Erica rocked the chair-lift back and forth, suspended forty feet above glistening […]

Holiday News – Short Story

Detective Jake Smith walked up the porch steps and lifted a fist in the air. His hand hung before tapping on the wooden door. The door cracked open. Two blue eyes peered out, rimmed red. “Merry Christmas ma’am. I’m Detective Jake Smith. I’m here to speak about your daughter.” The door opened wide. “You mean […]

A Little Peace – Short Story

“I can’t let you pass, you have unfinished business.” He holds up a hand to stop me, as if that would do anything. The guards here work through guilt and persuasion, rather than physical force. “Come on, I’m tired. Let me in Pete.” I try to shove him aside, but it’s no use. “I know […]

The Cabin

Here is a third short story based on the prompt, “Inheritance”. Comment and let me know if you’ve inherited something that changed your understanding of your family history. “What am I supposed to do with that?” The lawyer hands me a set of keys and the title to this old, lonely cabin. “Well, it’s up […]

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Hanna & Ivan are a couple from Utah. They spent the summer of 2020 building out a Ram ProMaster into a tiny home on wheels.

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