A Little Lost, A Little Found

Have you ever felt a little lost? Or perhaps, a lot lost? I have and I do. I’m here to share my journey to autoimmune health and how that fits into our travel lifestyle. I hope you’ll find a friend here who understands those moments of being lost and the celebrations in being found on the road to health.

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Chase the Voyage

At first, this might seem – oh, I dunno – cliché? forced? derivative? But, “chase the voyage” isn’t meant to be slouch-y. This phrase is meant to inspire and motivate. I was working on some products to add to my Etsy Shop and thought, “What do I want to wear? What designs do I like?” […]

The “Trick Yourself into Eating an Avocado” Smoothie

Maybe you like avocados, maybe you don’t. Let’s jump into the recipe and I’ll explain the rest later. How to Make It: Pour the water into your jar first. If you add the optional ingredients, increase the water to 1 cup. The more water you have, the runnier – so, you can decide the consistency […]

Saying goodbye to the med’s

One year ago, I had several thoughts swirling around in my mind: “I’ve had strep twice just this year, what if I get something worse?” “I’m stressed out and want to eat everything in sight.” “What if the Remicade fails? How long do I have with it?” “What if there really is another way?” Prior […]

Amazon Product Review

Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer, 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini refrigerator with freezer, Dorm fridge with freezer 2 door For Bedroom/Dorm/Apartment/Office – Food Storage or Cooling Drinks(Silver). This post contains affiliate links – we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Welcome back for another Amazon review of the products we used in our […]

Not all those who wander are lost.


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